Green Manure

We are one of the leading suppliers and exporters of Green Manure from India. Our range includes both Sunhemp Seed & Sesbania Seed.

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Sunhemp Seed

Sunhemp Seed is widely used as a green manure & fodder crop. It is very effective in destroying the weeds. It also increases the biomass & nitrogen content of soil resulting in increased fertility of the land. We offer best quality Sunhemp Seed round the year.


Sesbania Seed

Sesbania seed increases the fertility of land and is used as a green manure crop in various parts of the world. It is also known as ‘Swamp Pea’. Sesbania when procured as a raw material has number of impurities. It is sent to the cleaning plant & freed from all impurities. We offer pure machine cleaned Sesbania